Phoenix Battalion provides an excellent and helpful environment for those that are new to games or trying to progress towards the endgame. We cover multiple games and cater for all age groups. Whether you're and experienced player or not, your progression to the end-game will run smoothly. Our members are organized and frequently participate in those vital group events that are so critical on your partway to success. If you need guidance on your character specializations, crafting, or any other aspect, PHX has a large assortment of knowledge and many, many guides to help you. Learn the ropes has never been so helpful, so enjoyable, or so easy before!





If you enjoy defending turrets until the last Imp falls on Alderaan, outsmarting the enemy platoons on Esimar to capture Eisa Tech Plant, running the gauntlet of the Borderlands, so do we! But if you don't know when to charge and when to retreat, never seem to get any medals, or hate Huttball with a passion, Phoenix Battalion can help you, too. In addition to frequent Arena participation, we'll be starting organized 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4 training duels soon to hone PvP skills like line-of-sight, range, focus fire, CC and - above all - teamwork. You will also find that our leaders we willing and able to train you the the suble arts of victory on the battlefield.



As a guild we have progressed far within the content of the game. As such we have been noted as being an end-game guild. Our members strive for the best and frequently organize together to run Hardmode Flashpoints and Operations. If you're looking to get geared, look no further as we frequently run Flashpoints for end-game gear. If you're looking for an extra challenge and want to take on the larger group Operations, then look no further! We provide scheduling to ensure that all members get to participate and succeed.




Role Playing (RP)

Do you like Role Playing? Look no further! Phoenix Battalion can catter for your needs as well. In the games that catter for such activities PHX are situated on role playing (RP) servers and operate as an RP guild. We participate and organize RP events and plots within our guild, as well as with other guilds. We have a strong network and connect with other RP guilds in both factions which leads to events with depth that allows for maximum participation. If you're new to role playing, don't worry. Our excellent team is more than willing to help you get accustomed and into the storylines as quickly and as easily as possible. With great members and community support Phoenix Battalion is able to provide an excellent and genuine RP experience for all.



Struggling to find decent gear? Market prices got you down? Phoenix Battalion can help! We've got crafters of every specialty. We have experts that can point out what is junk and what is worth spending your hard earned coin of the realm. And to make it easy to find the gear you need, we've recently launched a Marketplaces forum for various games at various tiers within our forum. There you will find crafters listing their services at special guild rates, while for our End-Game players have a choice of top of the range gear and boosts at reasonable rates. 


Phoenix Battalion is constantly growing as a guild and a community on multiple games and we are always accepting new members. All that is left is to ask the question: Are you ready to take up the fight? If so then,

Join Phoenix Battalion Today!